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Hello all!
As you explore this web site you'll find the chronicling of my quest to fulfill a couple of longtime personal goals – to build a wooden kayak and to "get lost" in the wilderness for a summer.

Visit the To Build A Kayak link and you will witness the completion of the first goal. During the summer of 2003 I built a stitch and glue style wooden kayak from a CLC Boats kit. It was a cool experience to watch as flat pieces of plywood evolved into a beautiful boat with smooth flowing curves. The picture to the right is the bow of my boat. In case you're wondering the picture of the heron was drawn by my wife Stephanie and I named him "Herbie." I needed someone to talk to when paddling alone.

The second goal of "getting lost in the wilderness" has been scaled down quite a bit by life's realities of job, family, limited time and money. Originally the dream was to live in the Canadian wilderness for an entire summer. Oh well, I'm young and there will be more opportunities to "get lost."
Instead, I decided to explore more of North Dakota — the state where I grew up and have not appreciated the beauty that it offers. The link labeled The Trip explains further where I started and finished.

For those of you who want to revel in my pleasure or pain can visit the Follow Along link. There I reported in on a sporadic basis while on the trip. It all depended on when and how often I got cell phone signals.

If you want to send me a message or have a question you can send a message here.

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